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Hurray for backing up!

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My old computer died (after seven years of near-constant use) a couple of days ago. I bought a shiny new computer, and today I transferred all my old files over, courtesy of an external hard drive I've been using. And lo and behold, it worked. The novella I'm working on is right there, and so is my latest cover (along with about ten thousand other files!). What lucky people we are to live in a time when it's so easy to back up your work that even a computer moron like myself can manage it. ;D

If you haven't backed up your work lately... go do it. Now. :)
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Thanks for the helpful reminder!  I have been saving my current WIP to Yahoo Notes. That way, even if the house burned down or all my electronic gear were stolen, it would be out there in cyberspace, easy to retrieve. Another good option is Google documents.
Thanks for the reminder, Ellen. Nothing worse than losing hard work! Sorry to hear that your computer died.  :'(
Good point, Dana.  I'm thinking about backing it all up a second time and keeping it offsite-- like at my parents'-in-law house. But it's a good idea to send your current WIP offsite somewhere, too.

I didn't particularly want to buy a new computer, Suzanne, but the old one was pretty darn slow by modern standards.  So having one that works better and runs videos is definitely a silver lining. :)
My backup drive died a few weeks ago, I do need to get a new one.
Forgot to mention that my external hard drive actually had a vast quantity more memory than my old computer did.  Technology moves so darn quickly, doesn't it?

(And yeah, I do believe that marveling at the speed of changing technology means I'm getting old. ::))
The thought of losing a manuscript is a waking nightmare for authors.  I'm not savvy with computers, so got Carbonate for $55 a year.  So worth it for me.  Everything is backed up somewhere in the clouds.  If my house burns down or I drop the computer in the pool, I'll still have everything.
An excellent reminder, Ellen! I save my work to an external hard drive as well as online storage.

I learned my lesson after losing a ton of irreplaceable material (manuscripts!!) just over a decade ago. I had backed everything up to CDs and was too dense to check them before getting rid of the original files. Doh! All but a few CDs were corrupted. Good God that was heartbreaking!

So thanks for bringing this up, Ellen. Hopefully your post will help someone avoid being as big an idiot as I was! :-o
*Nods* I've heard of Dropbox.  Gonna have to go check that out.
For free off-site file storage, you could use Dropbox.  It's pretty cool--you save your file locally to a Dropbox folder in your documents, and it syncs it to the magical internet backup.

Just another option.
DropBox is a gift from God. Apple announced iCloud the other day. I haven't looked into it yet, but it sounds similar.
Terrence OBrien said:
DropBox is a gift from God. Apple announced iCloud the other day. I haven't looked into it yet, but it sounds similar.
Yep. It's technically the same thing, just "steve-jobs-ified" to make it sound magic and special and like he invented it personally with you in mind.
Haven't heard of Dropbox before. Just checked it out & it sounds great. Downloading it now. So glad I popped in here this afternoon! :)
Another vote for Dropbox. I also use Google docs on some projects.
Haven't heard of dropbox and will be checking it out!  Thanks, guys.  ;)

I have about five different versions of Legacy that I emailed to myself in GMail.  I will never use all that storage space up, and it works well!
I also use Dropbox, as well as CDs and an external drive.  I've got roughly 10+ years of writing on my computers (3) and it would be devastating to lose any of it so I'm very obcessive about my backups.

Haven't lost anything yet.  *knocks on cyber wood*

Thanks for the reminder Ellen. This is why I use Dropbox.
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