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I am so confused on my KDP report: please help

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I took a screen shot, but I can''t figure out how to post it here so you can see...

In March, I published my first book and logged on X1 a day and whenever I sold a book, I printed off a copy of the report for my records...  I didn't spend much time looking over my dashboard.  I am technophobic, my spouse manages the uploading of books and such... The only class I falied in HS was computer science.  In December, I enrolled two of my three books through select and launched my first promotional.  Some pointed out where these functions were on my dashboard and I set the books to run...during the promotional in between the F5 moments, I explored my dashboard.  "Oh, lookie at all of these buttons..."  I am trying to figure up how much money I earned in 2012 through KDP, I pulled up "prior-six weeks royalties".... Oh my, where on earth did all of this activity come from??  I look every day...and the daily glance doesn't come close to what this report says.   For example: 12/1/2012 "After I Pulled The Trigger"...has two entries.  One entry: Unit Sold-1...Unit Refund: 0... Net Unit Sold: 1  (this is my normal.) also says, 12/1/2012  "After I Pulled The Trigger"  Unit Sold: 326  Unit Refund: 0  Net Unit Sold: 326.....  My total career sales from what I've tabluated on my daily "let's have a look" this point, is 297 books sold over three titles...  

The thing of it, its all over my six week report.  There are close to 1,000 books in the net units sold.  My daily monitoring shows, 297 since March.    What am I not reading correctly?

My rank never showed an increase in sales.  I sell one, fall to 90-100,000.  Than right about 200-300k, I sell a book...and the cycle continues, unil yesterday.  I sold one book and went down to 45,000.    This 6 week page logic doesn't match my Month to Date report.

On Dec 15 it shows I sold over 60 copies of "A Change of Heart"... I published that book in November and sold 2 copies.  I haven't sold a copy since
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12/8 After I Pu...B008SD4IAE (units sold) 297 (units refunded) 0 (net units sold) 297 - Royalty 70% (Avg List Price) $9.99 (Royalty USD) 0.00

at the bottom of the page it reads what I was paid.  I am confused how/why my earned income can be extrapolated from a page that has so much skewed information on it?

The reports are confusing for everyone at first. If you look at the dates on your six week report, each line for each title includes books sold over 7 days. If it were just four weeks, or a month, it would make more sense, but it is not. It includes the week before or after. When a month ends in the middle of a week (Sunday through Saturday) then there is no way to separate it out. It will make you crazy if you try to figure it out.

I published three years ago and I don't even worry about that report anymore. The important ones are the month to date and the prior month. The report for the previous month comes out around the 15th and is the total sold, plus the final amount of money due. It's a download. I suggest you do that because the downloads are not available forever.
I guess my confusion is, the reports sum are greater than my career sales that I have collected day to day when I sold a unit...  I know I sold 297/ this says I have a net sale of 800+ books over the last six weeks.  I have printed off the report for my records
I think I'm going to stay out of that end of the pool..I gave away 864 books, over two titles so..that gels with what it says, "I sold" that really shouldn't be on the same page because its pulling my earned income all out of that same pot.  I had it nice and organzied.  Ok thanks!... the numbers matched.  665 downloads.  657 free  6 sales and 2 borrows....  I can't imagine what this may look like in the coming years.  Someone not familiar with this may say, " sold 665 books in December of 2012"
Christian Price said:
I can't imagine what this may look like in the coming years. Someone not familiar with this may say, " sold 665 books in December of 2012"
No, they won't be saying that because the 6-week report is a rolling report and not cached. Next week will show only data for the prior 6 weeks. It will only ever show data for the past 6 weeks.

Your Monthly report is the one that matters and the one that will go down in the record books. It will be very clear on your December report (which will be available around Jan 15) how many books were sold and for what royalty rate, how many were borrowed and for what borrow rate, and how many were given away.

Like Matrti, I glance at the accrued dollars in the reports each week for grins but otherwise ignore them completely. Right now, the 6-week reports aggregate sold + free and don't even list borrows. They are fairly useless for my purposes.
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