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I Came Out Of The Erotic Romance Writing Closet.

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Thought I'd share the story of exposing myself as the person who writes under my pen name...if you're thinking of doing the same - or if you're thinking of writing under a pen name.

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Also...Mailing List Fun Tip:

A way to engage your readers is to ask them to name a character in your next story. I've got a mailing list of 535. Yesterday, I asked them to name an older wolf who teaches a new member of the pack how to be a wolf, and over fifty responses came in. I replied to all of them.

It gave me a chance to get to know some of my readers. All were super excited to be involved. Some sent me names with the meanings. Others sent me huge lists of great ideas. I encouraged two to write, since they asked me about it, and got a very moving story from a reader about how she's overcome a stroke, and is now going to write, since that's always been her dream. "Thanks for the push" she said.

So much more fun than just telling them of new releases. It pulled at my heartstrings.

xx, Faleena
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We were talking about pen names in the office the other day (for erotica in particular), and how it seems that so few authors use their real names for erotica series. Not a surprising trend by any means, and it certainly allows for some punny pseudonyms. Really brave to not conceal your identity. I imagine erotic romance authors get some flack, and deciding that you don't care is so cool.

I have a serious urge to respond to this thread with just the party hat and dancing girls emoji, but I won't because BE PROFESSIONAL, COIL. Really though, hugs and high fives from me and Chloe.

Brilliant to ask your mailing list to help you name a character. That's such a great way to build engagement in a meaningful way.

Also, sort of related, we featured your Hearts series in an email to our beta list on last week because we <3 you.
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Awww - thank you so much for featuring Hearts Series. I had no idea you did that!

And thanks for the party hat and dancing girls! I am dancing with you, Taylor, you gorgeous creature, you. Look at the bio shot! #dayum

The character naming is a really good idea for getting your readers involved. I'm trying to think of ideas myself with a new release coming up. I just finished a series, and I'm working on a spin off. Now, I know what idea I can put in my newsletter to get some readers involved in creating the next series they'll want to read. Thank you! This is why I love Kboards.

By the way, brave to come out of the closet. My day job is such that even with spicy romance, I've got to remain in the closet with my dainty heels showing. Good for you in letting others know. You can show your face with pride.  ;D
Glad the mailing list idea helped inspire. I'm going to start a thread to get this discussion going, maybe we can all share ideas!
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