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I cheated on my Kindle today

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I had to make a run into town... and stopped at the bookstore. Bought a couple of DTB....

Do ya think Kindle will mind if I occaisionally cheat on him?
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You need to go into counseling to find out why you feel you must cheat on your beloved Kindle. Remember that Kindle infidelity is recognized as valid grounds for divorce in 47 states.

Are you really going to go into court and state that the reason it was OK for you to be unfaithful to your Kindle is that it had been a long winter and you weren't being fully satisfied. I don't think the judge will accept that  ;)

OK TM, here's the story.

First, it can't be abandonment since he never was with you. You can't abandon someone you haven't been with yet. The 3 states are (drum roll please):



Perhaps if you are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY nice to your new Kindle for a few months, he will ignore your brief indiscretion. Promise to never do it again, and take him out for an expensive dinner. That may just do it.

How sexist to assume that men don't like expensive dinners  ;). I know for a fact that 3 out of 4 male Kindles love Ruth Christ steak houses. We can be bought too.

1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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