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I did it!! Massive thank you to Kboards :)

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When I first published my book back in February I set myself a few goals. This month I've completed all of them!
In the 80 days my books been on Amazon I've sold 1153 copies. My goal was 1000 so I'm ecstatic. I also had an amount in my head that I wanted to make; Just a ball point figure really but I'm going to surpassed that amount in a few days! I have now broken even from what I spent on my first book so it's all profit from here on out. It's taken me three months but I'm there!
So really I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Kboards and everyone here that has helped me. I really wouldn't have been able to publish the first book if this forum wasn't here and everyone on it wasn't so helpful.
Thank you
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Sophia Ann,

congrats!  That's great!

Thank you!

It might not seen like a lot to some people but for me this is huge!
Every one of the authors here started in the same place and remembers those feelings!

Hey, well done! That's a great achievement in such a short time. :)
Congratulations! That's amazing  :)
Big congrats. :)
Good for you!

Well done!

What did you do for promotions & marketing?
Thanks everyone  :)

As for marketing and promotions I used me 5 free days back in February. (I had 899 free downloads but I didn't count them in my 1153 because they where free so I don't class them as sales)
I also had ENT promo in March that did okay, I put the book down from £1.99 to £0.99 for three days.

But that's all the promo stuff that I've done. I'm going to do more with my next book I think!
Super exciting! Hope this continues every month!
You're off to a wonderful start, Sophia. Sounds like a celebration is in order!
I think so to  :D
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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