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VictoriaP said:

Most of us follow Amazon's recommendation not to both turning the K2 off; just letting it sleep is apparently just fine. However, if you want to turn it off, just hold the power/sleep switch on the top left for about 15 seconds (until the screen shuts down).
Right. Just wanted to clarify that 15 is for resetting it, the way we used to with a clip-end in the Kindle 1 back. Won't hurt but will take a lot longer to get started again.

To just turn the Kindle off, you'd hold the power switch for about 4 seconds only. Customer rep says it's like just shutting your operating system off suddenly to turn it off, and they advise that if in the middle of reading a book, first go to HOME listing-page, as that will close the book and it then makes a record of your last page read.
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