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PianoManKD said:
Hey guys

I got the Kindle 2 today and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I'm a first time Kindle user so this is very exciting for me. I just have a couple quick question for all of you kindaficionados:

1. Is there a way to actually turn the device completely off? Or does it only go to sleep?

2. How do you get to a specific chapter/story? For example, I downloaded the complete Brothers Grimm and I want to get to a certain story. How do I do that without having to go through each page until I get there?

Thanks guys, I'm so excited!

My first story I'm reading is UR by Stephen King and the fact that I have a Kindle is making me addicted to reading! I can't stop reading it! I think it's because of how easy it is to use the device and how clear and easy it is to read something.....

I've never been a big reader in the past few years (I'm only 23). I would buy a book and say to myself "OK I'm really gonna read it all this time..." I usually get through half the book then I just lose interest or just find something else to do with my time. I think the fact that I have this cutting edge device and I've spent so much money on it will keep me interested, and as I've stated above, the ease of reading and turning the pages and keeping everything organized into one device....brilliant.

Oh, and I love this message board! Expect to be asking stupid questions in the next couple of weeks...


Kyle :D

1. You can turn it off if you hold the button on the side over long enough, but sleep is the better option, because it's less of a "shock" for your baby and just about as power-saving. Also, consider keeping your wireless off when not needed -- hit menu for that option -- to conserve battery.

2. You can select chapters from the menu option.
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