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PianoMan (May I just call you Billy Joel :D), there are no stupid questions. . .all of us were rookies at some point and benefited from assistance from others.  Now it's our turn to pay it forward.

You CAN turn off the Kindle but you don't really have to.  Your manual should say how.  (I have a K1 so am not sure) When 'sleeping' it doesn't use any power so there's not danger of draining the battery.  BUT, if you have recently downloaded a lot of books, the Kindle will want to index them for quicker searching.  It will do that just fine while asleep, but does use battery in that case.  So it's a good idea to plug it in so you don't have to worry about it freezing up because the battery is low.

As to the chapters, go to the table of contents.  That should be an option you get when you press Menu while the book is open.  If the Table of Contents is linked, which many of these anthologies are, you can just go to the story you want to read and click it and it should take you to the beginning.

Another thing you might want to do is search out the thread in tips tricks and troubleshooting about using a tagging system to keep track of the books you have.  Since you've only just gotten your Kindle, it won't be too hard to start now.  It's much more of a pain if you already have 10's or 100's of books.  

Enjoy your kindle and keep asking questions.  In a few months you'll be answering other rookies questions!

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