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I have a crazy, insane, personal favor to ask!

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Hi kboards- :) I'm finishing book 3, and it's about overcoming sexual abuse. The thing about sexual abuse, is that people often think they are alone, that no one can relate. Male or Female, if any of what follows in this post hits a nail, please PM me. 

I'd like to have a few simple statements from those who've overcome. Here is an example- "I made it through. I beat the fear. Lisa"  Use a fake name if you want. The statement can be simple or more. So simple, that yes I could fake it. But there is an authenticity that shines through with those who have overcome.

There is something about numbers, and standing together that is powerful.

The reason I am asking here, rather than at a support forum is that you can't ask these types of requests at a support forum. Making a declaration statement like this is hard, no matter what.

This is a book I'm planning to give free. If you need any other info, please pm me. I don't care if you are an author, a reader, or a moderator. :) I don't expect Anyone to write on this thread anything personal. I will not share who pm's me. In fact, I may have asked this in the most awkward way possible, but it's not my desire to make anyone feel uncovered.  Instead, it's about respect and celebration.

If this post has made anyone feel uncomfortable, I am truly sorry. *big hug to anyone who needs it*
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