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I have a quandary - or, don't make this mistake

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This is kind of long, but I need help making a decision.

I have a bunch of books out, all collections of short stories about Bigfoot. Some have 6, and some have 10 or 12 stories. They have titles like "Six Short Bigfoot Campfire Stories" or "Ten Intense..." you get the picture.

OK, in order to make these into print books, I had to combine them, as none were long enough on their own to satisfy my idea of what a print length should be. So I did that, making two print books out of them. I already had two longer ebooks which have matching print books.

So, the problem is, now the ebooks no longer correspond with the print books, so I've lost the matching listings. IOW, the ebooks don't market the print books and vice versa, they're all separate listings. Two or three ebooks make one print book. I mention this in the print book info so people who've read them digitally don't think they're different books, as the titles are now different.

So far so good, nobody's complained, but now that I'm making them into audio books, I'm not sure which way to go. Should I make a bunch of shorter audio books, each one corresponding to an ebook, or should I just make 2 audio books to match the print books? BTW, the ebooks outsell the print books by a huge number, so now I worry people won't find the audio books if I make them match the print books.

Confused? Me, too. Any suggestions of how to handle this mess?
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Are the individual ebooks long enough to be an audiobook? If so, I'd do it that way. There are lots of ppl who want my novellas on audiobook. If they aren't linked in the listing, they don't realize the audiobooks are there. I'm curious to hear what other ppl think. The paper copies cost a LOT more to have them all individually printed. I've thought about printing one of my series as a big fat book, but then it won't come up with the listing. In in the same boat as you and havent decided what to do yet.
Most of them are, and I'm thinking that's the way to go. I really regret splitting everything up like this, so I wouldn't recommend it. I wish I'd just made them into two longer ebooks with accompanying audio books at this point. Very confusing. I, too, would like more opinions on this.
You do know that there's nothing stopping you from making 2 more ebooks that match the print books right?  You can bundle them accordingly and just be clear in the description which shorts are included. 

Then make whatever audio books you want and they'll match one or the other.
If you're going through ACX, do the larger collections as audiobooks. It will save the customers money in the long run.
Andre, I like that idea a LOT!! Thanks, same for you, Brian. I like the idea of larger books that match the ebooks and the print books. Nice solution.
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