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I just got my K2 Amazon over, buying Oberon b/c it doesn't use hinge

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I just received my Amazon K2 cover - it sucks!  Extremely poorly made, and my cover had a huge scratch on the back.  I clipped the Kindle in place, and at first it was cool that it just floated.  However, the metal clips can easily scratch the Kindle while you carry it around.  I take extremely good care of my things and don't like anything that can scratch my product.

Also, after clipping it in place, I tried holding the cover in different ways and my Kindle fell out when I turned it upside down.  I now see a scratch on the edge of the "clip hole" for the Kindle

It is extremely thin, and not sturdy.  I will be pre-ordering my Oberon cover now, and am extremely glad they don't use the hinge system!

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I'm sorry you didn't care for it. I've shaken mine and not had it fall out. I've been pleasantly surprised with how much I really like it.

Luckily, Amazon has a 30 return policy so you can send it back.

The Oberons are beautiful. Have you decided which one you're getting?
I don't like hearing that the hinges can scratch the Kindle.  I'm getting the M-edge with hinges and I might rush the Amazon one here to use temporarily b/c being without a cover for a month doesn't seem doable at this point.  But I don't want to scratch my Kindle!  Has anyone else had this problem?  I might need to rethink my choices for the 25th time. 
I really like my Amazon hinge cover A LOT! I am not having any issues, with it not holding K2 firmly. And its slim and sleek... and nicely made.
Mind you, I'm extremely picky.  But metal+metal=scratches.  The metal clips touch do have contact with the sides of the "clip holes".  Anytime I moved the Kindle around, they trouched.  When mine fell out, the clip scrapped the edge of one of the "clip holes"

I will definately be returning.  I just want to mention this for all the "hinge + oberon" threads out there - I don't think the clip system is the greatest thing since sliced bread :(

I'm just grumpy b/c I had such high hopes for this cover after all the reviews.

Maybe I'm spoiled, but the leather is extremely cheap.  Plus with one gaping scratch across the back, this was not worth my time.  Ironically, I think the K1 cover was preferable b/c at least it did not scratch, and I just used the rubber band to wrap around the bottom right corner so the Kindle never fell out.

The metal on the clips is also rough and not no rounded or molded edges.  Plus, the spine is not sturdy so there is a lot of "pivoting" that goes on at the spine.
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I hated mine, it went back the same day.. I am with you on that clip thing, I wanted to like it.. I don't
Odd, all of the comments I've seen about it have so far been extremely positive (the hinge system at least).
To be honest, your message and thread subject kind of smell like 'troll' fodder to me.  :\
There are plenty of other covers out there that don't use a hinge.  The fact that people would like to see the Oberon with a hinge and all of a sudden there's a thread saying how much the Amazon K2 cover sucks and that you're buying an Oberon because it doesn't have a hinge...  sorry - seems a little too convenient to me.
There are already 79 reviews on Amazon for the K2 cover and pretty much all of them were very positive reviews.  Only one person mentioned scratching, and several people commented on that review saying they didn't know what the person was doing but they didn't see how it could have scratched the kindle.
Given your thread subject, I think I'll take the 70+positive comments for the hinge vs a negative-post with 'possible' alterior motives.  Just my $.02.
Troll fodder...nice.  I read these posts a lot, and just noticed everyone going gaga over hinges, and I wondered how many had tried them.  I debated whether I should even put my post here...but I wanted to get my side of the story out.  But thanks - now I realize that the moment you go against popular opinion, you become a troll.

What ulterior motives?  Am I an oberon owner, no.  Am I a K1 and now a K2 owner, yes.  Am I getting any free products from oberon, no.  I am a relatively smart professional who just likes to take good care of her things.  This piece of junk was not worth $30 to me, it's my opinion and if you don't like it move on to the next thread!

I guess I'll go back to my troll bridge and just sit back and wait for any the bonuses for the ulterior motives.  Woot.  And that's just MY 2 cents.
I really like mine.  Sorry it didn't work for some of you.  I just wish it came in different colors, for the 30.00 cost I'd have more of them.  For me, it's been very comfortable, and I like the lining of the cover.  I do agree the leather is on  the thin side, but I didn't expect a lot for $30.  The hinge system works for me.  It is secure, and hasn't scratched my Kindle at all.  If I had the choice to get it again, knowiing what I know now, I'd do it.  Fortunately, there are other options out there, so I hope you find what works for you.
I agree that the leather is thin and not of the highest quality and disagree with most everything else.  I have shaken my Kindle quite vigorously in the cover and have not been able to cause it to release no matter how much I shake.  I tried gripping the K2 and tugging and I can not pull it loose (and I'm a pretty big dude).  Perhaps you had some sort of defective cover.
I had an M-edge cover with K1 as I hated the Amazon cover that shipped with it.  I purchased the Amazon cover with my K2 and like it a lot.  Will I ever get a different cover in the future, possibly.  My M-edge cover was a Christmas gift so I used it and liked it.  I may try an Oberon cover sometime in the future, but I want to see their models first.  If it has a hinge system on the Oberon that would sell me on one.  I love the hinge system on the Amazon cover.  If no hinge system on the Oberon, I would probably stay with what I have.
We appreciate your comments, Starryskyz. For almost any of the products talked about here, we get both good AND bad reviews and I think it's good to have both sides of the coin. And, as you can see, another of our longtime members joined you in not liking the K2 cover. Your review was well done, concise, and based on your personal experience. Thanks again.

We have had good and bad comments about the K1 cover (yes, there are people, many of them, me among them, who liked and had no problem with the K1 cover), the Oberon--both versions, the M-edge, and just about any of the accessories posted here.

We welcome all viewpoints and I'm sure we can agree to disagree on things without resorting to suggestions that someone is a member of a race of fearsome creatures from Norse mythology.



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I didn't see anything wrong with the OP attitude. I like to read both sides. Just because this posters experience has been a bad one, does not make it bad attitude. It makes it just another first hand opinion to add to the pile from which I and other can make a decision. But then that's just me.
Atunah said:
I like to read both sides. Just because this posters experience has been a bad one, does not make it bad attitude. It makes it just another first hand opinion to add to the pile from which I and other can make a decision. But then that's just me.
....and me too.

I hope that people will still be posting an occasional reviews and comment after several weeks/months of using the product. I'm curious about how the hinge mechanism will hold up over time.
True, but I also don't think its fair to assume he/she didn't install it the right way. Could be defective, or could just have fallen out exactly the way they said. If all that happened to me, including the scratch I would probably say too this sucks  :D.

I am still saving up for the K2, so I need to read all those reviews. I have concerns about the hinge thingies and I hope people keep posting on them. Especially on how they are holding up in a couple of months. I can see myself breaking them off. I get clumsy sometimes and when I hear plastic, I cringe  :eek:. I would be worried to break it off and then getting it stuck in the K slot never to come out again.

I think what worries me is that is doesn't stay flush against the back of the cover. I have seen a pic somewhere here taken where that is shown. If you hold it by the cover it falls forward a bit. That creates some pressure on the plastic I would think.

By the time I can buy the K2, I hope all the available covers have been tested and reviewed and it will make it easier for me to decide.
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I also have the K2 and the Amazon cover (love it) and I am having a hard time understanding how the hinges are scratching the K2. I've read this issue from other posters as well. I have found that the K2 holes allow for the hinges to be connected with no effort as long as they are lined up properly and once the K2 is attached, there is no movement at the connecting point.

I also have found the K2 to be very secure in the case (of course, its only been less than a week).  The "flopping" issue noted with the right side of the K2 does not impact my use of the case. Based on the OP's points, it seems like the model shipped to him was defective. The big scratch definitely would be a problem.
But that's exactly what I am doing now, holding  by the cover and its not going anywhere. I have a corner system.

I don't think its complaining about a slightest thing when someone has their kindle scratched and it falling out. I find that a legitimate complain and yes I want to hear about it. I don't want people to be run off by having them called trolls and basically trying to insinuate they cannot possible have the experience they are having. The next person having an issue might not want to bother for fear of being called out. Especially if they have few posts. 

As to a hard back novel flopping, last I checked there aren't any plastic hinges on a hardback, so I don't see how that compares.

So I thank those that post any and all experiences they have. Good and bad. Please keep posting
I too appreciate both positive and negative reviews on a product.  I avidly ready both whenever I consider purchasing an item on Amazon.  Please let the OP have his/her opinion without name calling, judging motives or making assumptions that they must have done something incorrectly.  As for tone, I can see little difference between a statement such as "I just received my Amazon K2 cover - it sucks!" and "I just received my Amazon K2 cover - it rocks!"  Both are expressing a strong POV.

I think it's human nature to want to defend a product that we like or love when we think it is being attacked.  I have seen this issue being handled politely and superbly in most of the "differences in K1 vs K2 threads" on this forum.  Let's keep up this high standard.  I do not want people to be fearful of posting a non-majority opinion.
StarrySkyz - sorry you got a sucky cover, sounds like you'll be returning it very fast and not looking back.  It sounds like an Oberon would make you very happy.

I agree that the Amazon cover is thin and not the best quality.  I figure that's what you get for 30 bucks.  For me, I like that it is thin because I wanted to minimize the bulk.  I was obsessive about lining the hinges up with the holes so I'm not worried about scratches, but I can see how it could happen if someone in trying to pop in the K without lining up the holes.  I'm assuming that is what you mean by the scratching?  Thanks for your comments.

Atunah - I'm also concerned about the floppiness.  The K seems very secure in my cover but it does come forward like you saw in those pictures.  I think my concern is the same as yours, the flop will add stress to either the K or the hinge and something could eventually break.  I'll keep you posted if I have any issues.

For anyone who doesn't know, the flop seems to be a concern mostly for people who read in bed.  Depending how you hold your K, it can fall forward when you lay down.  There where a few people with K1s landing on their face.
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And for the low post count - I am much more of an avid reader than I am a writer.  I usually only post when I feel that I have something of value to add.  I work as a software design engineer, and I'm not affiliated with Oberon in any way, nor do I get freebies, nor am I part of their experiment group, etc.

I'm glad that the cover works for some, maybe I just got a crappy one.  I was looking for something to tie me over until the oberons came out.
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