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I made it into a newspaper for the first time!

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Well, maybe not the first time in my whole life, I was in it a lot in my younger years for basketball. But never for writing! My first novel, Into the Shadows, was featured in the Arizona Daily Sun in a lifestyles article. It's even more awesome because the journalist really understood what I was going for in this book. And I live in Illinois, so I really had no hand in this one. I'm just dreaming of all the book lovers who will hopefully see it in their newspaper this fine Sunday...maybe I'll get a little sales boost!

And it was on the "What's New" shelf in the teen section of the library when I went on Friday, between A.S. King's Printz winner Please Ignore Vera Dietz and my friend, James Klise's awesome book, Love Drugged. That was also a wonderful surprise! :D

I will crack a beer in honor of this today!
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Congratulations! That is seriously awesome!
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