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I had a similar situation last night and today.  I plugged it in last night to recharge and this morning the little light was off, but it did not recharge.  I didn't think much of it.

When I got home from work just now, I plugged it in to charge and the little light would not come on at all.  I fiddled with all of the plug-in bits to see if I just did not have it securely plugged in.  Nope.  Everything looked okay.  I tried to wake it up, but it would not wake up, so I held the button longer and it rebooted itself.

Now that it is awake, I plugged it all in again and the orangey/yellow light is on and it looks like it is charging?!

If it happens again, i will definitely call customer service.  This is only the second time that I have charged it...the first being when it initially came out of the box.

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