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It can be intimidating to share your creative work with others - cold-sweat, pit-stain and heart-palpitation level intimidating, in fact!

As your beta-reader it is my job to create a safe space for you to receive thorough, compassionate and encouraging feedback, so that your work can be the best that it can be.

My passion lies in empowering writers to that they can become their own best editors - so, as part of my service I include the following 'extras':
A personalised report on your manuscript
A personalised writer's resource list (including helpful links and recommended reading) which is specifically tailored to your needs
...And a one-hour consultation over Zoom!

You can expect a thorough analysis of:
Writing tone, themes and your 'voice' as a writer (as well as some tips on how to find it!)
Story pacing and narrative structure (all things living under the umbrella of 'plot', basically)
Character and motivation
World-building and setting (NO story is truly convincing without getting these two right! Even if you aren't setting your story on a spaceship or in some specific historical context - your setting still needs to come across as plausible and believable to a reader)

Find me on Fiverr under the name Annwyn Vix or via the following link:
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