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If you controlled the airwaves...

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Here's the premise: You own a television station in heaven. Your power? You can resurrect any cancelled TV show. What's your lineup?

For example, my station will show (in no particular order):

Pushing Daisies
Green Wing
Buster & Me
Flash Forward
Legend of the Seeker
Wizards and Warriors

Your turn! What do you bring back? What show might have left the airwaves but never left your heart?
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Human Target
Lie to me

LOTS of SCIFI channel shows..
Well shoot, I was hoping for the opposite: the power to cancel a lot of shows. :)
NogDog said:
Well shoot, I was hoping for the opposite: the power to cancel a lot of shows. :)
Hmmm... I can think of quite a few that would be on that list, too... ;)

BTackitt said:
LOTS of SCIFI channel shows..
SOOOOO many great shows on SciFi that were cancelled! I'm just now starting to get caught up on everything I missed without cable. Farscape? Battlestar? Warehouse 13 (okay, so that's not cancelled... yet...) Great programming!
I'd start with  season 4 of the original Star Trek.
New series of....

Outer Limits
Twin Peaks
Stargate SG1

Plus I'd keep Fringe going for a lot longer yet. And commission Gattis and Moffat for life to write for Sherlock

Intersperse the above with Warner Brothers and Tom and Jerry cartoons.
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I think I'd try to resurrect

Stargate Universe,
The Lost Room,
Pushing Daisies
, and maybe

I wish these shows hadn't been cancelled/ended:

Dead Like Me
The Riches
The Killing
The Adventures of Brisco County Jr (I have a thing for Bruce Campbell)
williammeikle said:
And commission Gattis and Moffat for life to write for Sherlock
Here! Here! I concur!

jmiked said:


kindlequeen said:
Dead Like Me
I want to add both of these to my channel, too! SUCH amazing shows!
I would start off by abolishing the FCC if that's within my powers.
Mine would probably be the All Joss Whedon channel. Angel, Buffy and Firefly would all be there with brand new shows.  I might also bring Life on Mars back and request that the show Sherlock be a full American-sized series instead of three TV-movies once a year.
Trying to keep mine to ones that were cancelled well before their time or I'd have way too many.

Pushing Daisies
Better Off Ted
Legend of the Seeker
Lie to Me
The Riches
Dead Like Me
Brisco County Jr. (Fun Fact: The Olympics took their music from
Jack of All Trades
Veronica Mars
Tru Calling
Battlestar Galactica (either one, really)
V (the newer series)
Arrested Development (at least Netflix is bringing it back for a few more episodes)

Okay... I'm stopping now. I'd also like to add that I'd like to make The Learning Channel and History Channel what they used to be and not what they've turned into as of late.
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My So Called Life. Oh, Jordan Catalano, you were so hot....
I would love to have MTV only play music again and concerts and stop the stupid reality shows.  Shows I would love to see back on TV are unsolved mysteries,Charlie Sheen  back one Two and a Half Men,hate the new version, and more history on the history channel instead of the mindless dribble now on.
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