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Pretty sure I'm about to become the meanest Dictator on KB....  8)

I would implement some strict driving laws, for example:
The cars people are assigned to drive would be dictated by their needs and intelligence/aptitude testing (based on common sense principles).  If you can't parallel park, you're not getting an SUV, you'll be assigned something more like a smart car that's easier to maneuver.  If you commonly turn right from the far left hand lane without using a blinker or even looking over your shoulder, you're going to be in a bright yellow car so people can see you.  You would be able to tell how a person drives based on the size and color of their vehicle, which might shame people into trying to be better drivers.  (Can you tell I live in California?)

I like williammeikle's complete separation of church and state, religion and science. 
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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