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Christopher Bunn said:
...which country would you despotically rule?
Whichever is currently wealthiest and has the most modern medicine and technology. I'd rule my citizens with a rod of iron but occasionally bewilder them with prudish laws against rude bumperstickers and showing flashes of thong/underwear in public. I'd outlaw free speech because it's a dictator's worst nightmare and would keep very tight rein on the internet and all other forms of media. (Hey, if I'm going to be a dictator I may as well do it right).

Christopher Bunn said:
1. Would you subjugate your citizens to a certain diet? Explain.
I'd set a required national caloric intake/limit, depending in part but not solely on the BMI and overall health of individuals of certain ages. Doctors would have the authority to make alterations on a case-by-case basis as necessary. My goal would be to make my citizens the fittest and healthiest in the world - the envy of every other dictator. This wouldn't be for benevolent reasons. Every dictator needs a strong army in fighting shape.

Christopher Bunn said:
2. Would you outlaw skinny jeans?
Yes. I prefer flared below the knee. Anything else gives me a pear shape. If I can't wear skinny, nobody gets to.

Christopher Bunn said:
3. Would you create a new religion?
Only if it was necessary to promote and continue my dictatorship.
Christopher Bunn said:
4. Would you allow Justin Bieber entry? Give examples.
No Biebers, Kardashions, or anyone similar. The celebrities of my nation wouldn't be pop stars, they'd be something useful, like doctors, cops, scientists, firefighters...
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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