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If your latest book was a movie...

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Who would direct?
Who would star in the lead roles?
What song would play during the ending credits?

And why?
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1. Me
2. Weirdos who work for free
3. Porno music
Dalya said:
1. Me
2. Weirdos who work for free
3. Porno music
Careful Dalya, that halo will get hooked on your horns! ;)

Director: Q. Tarentino
Star:Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman
Music: Something soulful on the pan flute
Chasing Redemption:

Main Stars: Clive Owen, Saffron Burrows
Also Staring: Ed Harris, Sean Bean, Gary Oldman, and Emma Thompson
Directed by: Christopher Nolan
End Credits? Whatever masterpiece Hans Zimmer can come up with.
1.) Ridley Scott
2.) Robert Carlyle, Charles Dance, and Samantha Barks
3.) Eva by Nightwish
1. Cameron
2. Someone not over the top handsome, maybe the kid from Transformers and Eagle Eye (don't know his name). Anthony Hopkins. And, of course, Scarlett Johansson.
3. Maybe Annie Lennox' version of Whiter Shade of Pale. Maybe some Vagelis. Or The Cars' All mixed up. Dunno.
Director: Bill Condon
Leading Roles: Emma Stone (Sidney) and Ginnfer Goodwin (Emmy)
Closing Song: Shake it Out by Florence + The Machine

Supporting Cast: Emilie Hirsh (Stephen), John Goodman (Detective Blendon)
Hmmm. For my wip...

Director-Lexi Alexander

Jason Momoa or Jared Padalecki as MC/protag
Elizabeth Gillies, Burkley Duffield, Drake Bell, and Bruce Campbell in supporting roles
Ryan McPartlin as the antag

End music, Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum. Not the crappy remake

Director: Steven Soderbergh
Star: Gabrielle Union
End theme: Between the Cheats, Amy Winehouse
Who would direct? Peter Jackson - Would need the same talents he applied to the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit to get it right.
Who would star in the lead roles? Sean Connery - He would be great as one of my MC, but mostly so I would have a way to meet the man,,, {Pant, Pant}
What song would play during the ending credits? Full Orchestra Something like what they had on Avatar
1. Christopher Nolan: Because he knows how to make a superhero movie.

2. Dwayne Johnson would play Banjie. Channing Tadum would play Heath. Tayor Swift would play Julia. Diane Lane would play Ruth (Banjie's mother).

3. Running up that hill- because the story gets darker as it goes on.
1.) Joss Whedon
2.) I cannot think of anybody to play Clade Josso, because Clade really doesn't look like the Hollywood actor muscle type.  I guess the closest approximation would be somebody just out of their teen years who is handsome but looks like they've enjoyed a few cheeseburgers; not grossly overweight, but carrying a little more on him than your muscle-bound actor
For Radha I'd like somebody who is beautiful but more mature, like Diane Lane or Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Somebody beautiful but not looking like a teeny bopper.
For Meru, I'd need somebody tall and thin, similar to a young Jeff Goldblum.  Maybe even Adam Baldwin.  Now that I think more... Adam, definitely.
For Alha, I'm thinking somebody with black hair who would look good with purple skin and orange eyes, with a light attitude (though not necessarily comedic).  Maybe somebody like Mark Addy, only a bit thinner.
For Vord Passa, somebody with age, who is angular and can have a rough, nasty demeanor.  John Glover
For the Blindmen, Sean Bean (Finally, a role in which he is not a bad guy, a knight, or killed!) 
3.) I want an orchestral score done by either Michael Giacchino or Patrick Doyle.  That being said, if there must be a pop song attached, I think I'd want either Kid Rock or P.O.D. doing it.
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Dalya said:
1. Me
2. Weirdos who work for free
3. Porno music
Man, you always get to the good answers first.
Director - Neil Marshall

Leading roles - um, it might be a little hard finding a teenage (can pass for 15), 5'10-11, 210+ pound (at full growth Rose is 6' and 240-250 depending on diet/activity level, but this is the first book) actress who's well muscled and not fat, but not rippling with bodybuilder muscles either, and can act.

Ending song - Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

Director: Peter Jackson
Leading roles: Connor Paolo and Jennifer Lawrence
Music: something by Nightwish or Within Temptation
For Volcano Watch (not new, but my latest, sigh)

Direct: Spielberg
Star: Jessica Chastain and Tommie Lee Jones
Music: Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain (because, you know, a volcano blows stuff up)
1. Somebody who isn't afraid to push boundaries
2. An open casting call for a new actor to play Gastien. The trouble with someone who is well know if when he walks down the street, people think "Brad Pitt", etc. I want someone who, when they walk down the street, people think "Gastien". Of course, I would be present for the try-outs and have final say.
3. Immigrant Song (unfortunately The Girl With the Dragon Tatto already used it.  And they didn't even ask me!)
Um, my latest novel is a lesbian love story. I have no idea who'd direct it, but I'd love for the two women from Garfunkel and Oates to play the main characters, and if that's the case, hell, let 'em do the soundtrack...

1. Steven Spielberg
2. Johnathan Taylor Thomas or Zac Effron when they were still teenagers, Angelina Jolie, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
3. John Williams of course
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