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The case on my old Paperwhite Kindle had become frayed, so I decided to get a new one. I thought of reordering the same iGadgitz case because it had given good service for years before needing replacement. The bad news is that the old case is no longer available. The good news is there is now an improved iGadgitz case for old Paperwhite models. It is called iGadgitz PU Leather Case Cover for Paperwhite 2015 2014 2013 2012 With Sleep/Wake Function & Integrated Hand Strap. ASIN: B00GWF5OGW.

It is much more comfortable to hold than the old case because the strap is centred horizontally and thus can be used with either the left hand or the right hand, whereas the old one could be used only with the left hand. Opening and closing the case is easier. Also, it lies flat when closed and thus can be neatly stacked in a reading pile along with printed books, whereas the old one had poppers sticking out. And it feels robust.

It has the usual functions: it can be handheld or stood up; opening and closing the case automatically wakes up the device and puts it to sleep; it adds colour to the covered device.

Just changing the case on my Kindle makes me feel like I have a new device in that the experience is different as soon as I pick it up and prepare to read.
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