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Illustrated Ebooks?

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I downloaded The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon and have been reading it today.  I've been pleasantly surprised to find that it has pictures and diagrams that show up on my K2!  I wasn't expecting this, but am thrilled!  This is the first illustrated ebook I've encountered, and I'm wondering if there are many other books that people have come across with illustrations.  Do cookbooks and magazines for the Kindle have illustrations? 
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Some one posted this book with illustrations several weeks ago (and its only 99 cents!):

I am also a big fan of illustrations, I wish all books had them.
The Narnia series by CS Lewis has the original illustrations in it.  And I know one of the Arthur Conan Doyles is illustrated.

I have found photographs in a biography, maps and drawings in a history, and decorative drawings at the beginning of each chapter in a novel. So far I have seen only two magazines and no newspapers. The New Yorker has some cartoons (not all from each issue). Time has no photos. Everything I have found so far has looked very good.
The Little Prince has the original illustrations, and, as Betsy already mentioned, the Chronicles of Narnia do, too. The pen-line drawings come out very nicely on the Kindle.
Betsy the Quilter said:
The Narnia series by CS Lewis has the original illustrations in it. And I know one of the Arthur Conan Doyles is illustrated.

That's neat- I do love the Narnia books! I wish more books had illustrations- it really adds a little something to a story.
I'm almost finished with Kill bin Laden and have been very disappointed with the map renderings. I wish the publisher had made a little more effort to convert them. The Kindle version wasn't cheap either.
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Most of the Darktower series by Stephen King have had a few illustrations in them as well.  They show up pretty good in my K2.
Gone for Soldiers by Jeff Shaara has the maps in line with the text in the Kindle version. You can even "click" on them to enlarge to full size, then "click" to go back to in line with text. Also, there are portraits of the key characters at various places. I'm reading on a K1, so they are not the best, but they are recognizable and the maps are very readable.
I got an illustrated Aesop's Fables and Wind in the Willows.  From the Brink of the Apocalypse had many illustrations as well, some that I'm not sure were in my DTB copy.
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