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Discussion Starter · #1 · - Here's my abstract art NFT collection.

Pick one and I'll give you the HD image file, and the permission to sell it on your book cover/back/both, and I'll even take care of the lettering on photoshop!

In exchange, you'll print a QR code to my collection on the back of the cover with the URL and a short description of my work!

I love fantasy, mystical things and sci-fi books too! I love books!

It can be an epub too!

send me a message on twitter: or instagram if interested: Login • Instagram

Art paint Paint Organism Painting Art

Art paint Paint Painting Art Creative arts

Plant Green Nature Natural environment World

Blue Art paint Azure Paint Organism

Organism Font Art Painting Pattern

check the rest of the collection here!:

Thank you for writting,
New/Niu DaVinci
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