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I'm at #25 in the Kindle Store!...

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I noticed this because I tried to engage Robert J Crane in a very small Twitter bragging war, and I needed to find SOMETHING to kick his butt at, since he's kicking butt in the UK at #1 in Fantasy > Series (which is like #500 in the whole UK store, holy crap).

Well, Canada loves me. Take that, Crane! You may have charmed the UK with your fun, exciting, and unique paranormal stories, but Canada is mine!

For those of you wondering, that's 59 sales in a week. Aw yes. I'm gonna preorder an HD copy of Dredd on iTunes with the $20 whole dollars I've earned.
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Congrats :)
Congratulations - how did you do that? I had hopes of Canada, what with the common language, but so far they are immune to my charms. Well, my books' charms.

Well, I'm not surprised: Canadians are known globally for their excellent taste!  :)
Congrats! You were also at #77 in the whole U.S. store the other day, so, y'know, there's that. I just tell people I'm the SM Reine of the UK, except, you know...I'm a guy. Without a dagger - which is a marketing decision because I think my picture scares enough people away as it is without me looking all stabby.

P.S. I am totes getting Dredd on Blu today, it looks AWESOME. Karl Urban FTW!
Cheers & congrats from a fellow Canuck (who hasn't made it that high on the list yet!!)
Congrats, SM!

Canada obviously loves pretty women with stabby knives. My respect for Canadians has just gone up a notch or two.


(And kudos, too, for that Top 100 rank you were riding earlier in the US. Still hanging in the Top 300, I see. 2013 is definitely going to be your year!)
Woohoo! How totally fab!
Congrats. Good to see.  :)

Kickin' Canuk butt bacon.
Wait, there are more than 25 books in Amazon Canada?  :p

Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee!

Great job!
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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