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I'm back...!

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Somehow I managed to get to the New Year's Day Concert in Vienna.  :eek: Back now and found nice messages and reviews on my return - that was pretty cool.

Belated Happy New Year to all!


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:D :D :D

T.L., I love how you make me laugh.

Oh, and welcome back, Geoff. We missed you. Seriously. We really did. Didn't we, guys? ??? On another note, back in March I took a week off to go on a cruise. I couldn't wait to get back and read all the private 'where are you?' messages, Kay Bratt is missing alerts, please-come-back emails, etc..  Alas, I signed on to the net and only ONE person realized I'd been gone. It really gave me a reality check. But that's okay, you should've seen the somersaults my dog did when I picked him up from the boarder. THAT was impressive!
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