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Krista D. Ball said:
First, I'm looking for someone who does sketch art of faces. I'm looking for more of a rougher, almost "sketch artist/mug shot" style. I do not want someone who draws giant boobs and watermelon butt cheeks.
She doesn't have a lot of examples in her gallery anymore, but you should definitely contact Slategreen. She's done a couple of colored sketches for me and is both awesome with faces and very much not into improbable anatomy. I can PM you an example or two if you're interested.

Other random suggestions from the enormous bookmark list: This might be a little too art nouveau for you, IDK; this might be a little too watercolor-y; and this might be a little too sketch-y.

And for fantasy and historical covers, I'll toss Suzanne Helmigh's name into the ring, as well as that of Danil Shunkov.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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