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A refurb Mac-Mini with the basics is probably going to be the most cost effective and give you some years of life with the current versions of the OS and software. You will not need to buy an Apple monitor nor keyboards or mouse necessarily either; Blue Tooth or USB mice and keyboards will work but I'd at least suggest an Apple keyboard if you want to use some of the quick keys for the interface.

An adapter to VGA might need to be purchased if your current monitor only has VGA but the Mac-Mini usually comes with a DVI adapter. If you have a monitor that has both, you can run both a PC and the Mac-Mini concurrently on the same monitor by switching to the other input. They run under $1k for the basics and are probably the most hassel free for the buck.

I didn't realise OSX would install on a VM! I've been working with virtual machines for years in my career and have used VirtualBox, so something I'll have to play with.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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