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Immediate Feedback - YES PLEASE! ;D

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My new romantic comedy, The Girl In The Coffee Shop, went up yesterday. For newer authors such as myself, it can take a while to receive any type of input from the "reader out there" if your work is any good.

Yes, we all hear from our families and friends that our books are the best out there and of course our mothers tell us that we're not the best writer out there, we're also the best looking, and don't pay any mind to that cheerleader that wouldn't go to prom with you...Wait, I went a bit off topic. Sorry.

Thanks to our modern social media era I was able to hear from a reader on twitter what she thought of my newest work.

Her words are the reason I do this and I'm sure your fans' thoughts are the reason you do as well.

Here are a few of her tweets:
lol! "the only thg i cn see is a red altoid that is stickn 2 e back window!" hahaha! LMAO!
just had a classic #awww... moment with @CaedemMarquez's # thegirlinthecoffeeshop how sweet...
just finishd readn it :) it made me laugh BUT I was hoping e story wld continue!!! i lyk gertrude (strange as tht sounds)

They made my day.

Caedem -
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LOL!  :D That part got me, too, when I was reading it.  A hilarious image.

Congrats, Caedem!!
DelilahFawkes said:
LOL! :D That part got me, too, when I was reading it. A hilarious image.

Congrats, Caedem!!
I remember. Thanks. ;D I am still waiting for someone to mention one of my favorite parts. We'll see if it ever happens. I've noticed an author's favorite part of the book isn't always the reader's.

Caedem -
PJJones said:
Awesome! Congrats! PJ
Thanks PJ!

Caedem -
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