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Immortal longings, demonic schemes - urban fantasy QUEEN OF TIME is now $0.99

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Hello, everyone--

The original thread for QUEEN OF TIME is so old that I'm starting a new one, as per moderator suggestion.

You can read the first three chapters of the novel on my website at, after which I hope you'll acquire the Kindle edition, especially since it's now only 99 cents for the rest of this month.

Lucasta Hilary has spent her life in the past, and sees her future shrinking. An untenured Classics professor at a Midwest state school, she's all but resigned herself to academic obscurity and loveless middle age. Forced by circumstance to oversee a student archaeology dig at Hadrian's Wall, she soon finds the Roman ruins an embodiment of her inner alienation, which her friend and colleague Dunstan Lightner's gallows humor does little to dispel. But one night, following the cryptic hints of a Roman re-enactor, Lucasta literally falls into an amazing, life-altering discovery-an underground temple forgotten for millennia, dedicated to the ancient god Mithras, patron deity of warriors. The find brings her only minor fame, but far greater changes await.

Upon returning to her university, Lucasta makes the uneasy acquaintance of the impossibly-named military historian Byron Steele. During an intense encounter, Steele mockingly offers Lucasta a Faustian bargain-ten years of absolute, unreflecting pleasure in exchange for her soul. Lucasta cynically accepts, but soon after Steele's mysterious death she is at first frightened, then elated to find herself growing beautiful, youthful, desired.

A decade later Lucasta is fabulously wealthy, incredibly lovely...and miserably bored by a life devoid of meaning. But her day of reckoning arrives at a lush Yucatan resort, where not only Byron Steele but Dunstan Lightner re-enter her life to battle for immeasurably more than just her soul. Lucasta learns that not only has she lived many lives in the past, but the two men have played a key part in them as forces of light and darkness. The outcome of her demonic bargain merges with world-threatening crisis as temptation, damnation, and redemption inextricably entwine.

Happy reading,


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Dear Fellow Kindlers,

My urban fantasy Queen of Time is currently $0.99 instead of $4.99 thanks to a pricing lag at Smashwords. I don't know how long this deal will last, so readers fond of Faustian bargains, compelling villains and apocalyptic scenarios are encouraged to click and grab. The first three chapters can be read on my website at Thanks and enjoy! :)

Classics professor Lucasta Hilary's lackluster routine in Midwest academia changes forever thanks to seeming quirks of fate that bring her unexpected fame and inexplicable beauty, but her good fortune soon proves to be very far from heaven sent. Two eternal adversaries seek to alter Lucasta's destiny, in a struggle that spans eons and ranges from the bleak remains of Hadrian's Wall to the lush jungles of the Yucatan highlands to the very edge of existence, where temptation, damnation, and redemption inextricably entwine.

"The narrative voice is polished and pleasing. The story, although magical, is more believable because the writing sounds so grounded and natural." ~ABNA 2013 Reviewer

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[size=12pt]Queen of Time recently garnered some lovely praise in an e-mail from a thoughtful reader: "The depth of your writing amazes me. Each sentence in your book is so well crafted it was like opening an exquisite gift when I read them." Day-makers like that are what writers live for.

The first three chapters of Queen of Time are on my website at, but the villain of the story, one of my favorite characters to date, doesn't appear until later. It's well worth 99 cents just to meet him, and I'd be delighted if you did.



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