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I don't go back and read my debut novel. :) That said, I plan to rewrite the final third of that novel once I get the rights 2019, I think? And I'll probably find plenty to clean up in the prose when I do. I have no plans to go back and fix subsequent books-I've been more careful to do what's right for the story with those. With the first book, I tried to make it fit in a certain genre at the expense of what was really right for the story...and wound up making no one happy: the people who read it for the genre were disappointed, and the people who saw what it should have been were equally disappointed. Lesson learned! Other than that, I try to put out the best book I can given the level of skill and craft I have at that point in time. Yeah, I'm going to improve (I hope!) over time, but knowing I did my best at the time is enough to keep me from fiddling with those books. Whatever valid points people bring up in reviews, I take that info and try to apply it to future books. Always moving forward...
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