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Just started the book last night and it kept me up till one! Great writing!

Chapter 1:

Why do you think the author put in the moment of Solon finding the picture of the couple who used to live in the house they were using as a base?
It reminds us that this sad, war-ridden place used to be home to people like you and me.

Near location 299-305, the Kreelan priestess has the thought "What a pity that animals with such instincts did not possess souls." What significance, if any, do you think that statement has?
Somehow, she cannot detect the souls in humans, which makes them unworthy of being treated as anything more than mere animals or worse. If the humans were deemed to possess "souls" then the Kreelans would probably not try to exterminate them in war.

Why did the Kreelan priestess cut Reza in the same way he cut her? Why did she take a lock of his hair? Why did she let him live?
I think the priestess was shocked that such a young kid (7) or "pup" would have such courage and fight in him. If he were an adult, she would absolutely have killed him. She took a lock of his hair b/c it is some symbolic ritual of the Kreelans after their kills. Maybe we'll learn more about this later in the book?

Chapter 2:

What insight into the author does Reza's remarks about the House 48 library give you?

I made a note in LyBerry that it was funny how the part about electronic books and holding real books would be in a Kindle book.

What were your impressions of Nicole? Of Wiley?
Wiley is a big-time war hero whose mind probably couldn't take all the brutality and tragedy he has witnessed over the years. He's a great character.
I'm sad that his death wasn't more heroic,
but I guess this is what makes the story more real. Nicole isn't there yet, but she will be a survivor.

Chapter 3:

Were you surprised at what happened to Muldoon?

Something bad to happen to that evil man to give the kids some hope. ;)

Chapter 4:

Would you have left Reza to check the library as Mary the librarian did? What would you have done? Why do you think the author did it this way?

Mary was in a difficult spot. She was responsible for getting all these kids to safety, but she also wanted to make sure she got all of them. She was divided between saving the majority versus risking everyone to try to save every last one. Reza was the obvious candidate to help her, as he was the assistant librarian, and also probably the most mature and able child in the group. Maybe Mary could have offered to stay behind herself while Reza led the rest of the kids to the shelter, though. The author had to split Reza somehow from the rest of the group for the story line to work.

We again meet again the warrior priestess who appeared in chapter 1, and find out she is named Tesh-Dar. Were you surprised to see her again?
No, she and Reza were bound to meet again.

It comes to Tesh-Dar's thoughts several times that humans have no souls because their blood doesn't sing. What do you think this means?
I don't know exactly what it means but it sounds neat! I think this is a description of something the Kreelans detect in themselves and other beings they may have encountered before humans. Humans souls probably exhibit themselves in some other way that is undetectable to the Kreelans (they can't hear our blood singing).

Chapter 5:

What is your first impression of Esah-Zhurah?

She is performing a duty that she finds distasteful. She doesn't believe Reza has a soul, or that he is worthy of her time and effort. She thinks he's lucky to be alive so he has no right to an opinion or to be picky about food. She probably realizes though, that Reza is important b/c he is the only older child to be saved by the priestess. So she can abuse him but not kill him.

When Reza realized he was getting sick from his diet and attacked Esah-Zhurah, what were you thinking would happen?
I thought he would escape the room and run into the priestess.

Now I can go read everybody else's thoughts.

N :)

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kreelanwarrior said:
Hey, have you already read this book? ;D Definitely on the right track!!
I promise I have not read ahead yet, but I don't promise that I won't! The story is just too good! Your fingers obviously knew what they were doing!

By the way, can I just say what a neat experience it is to be doing the Book Klub with the author? I'm so looking forward to the rest of this one and the upcoming ones!

N :)
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