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Chapter 11

- This chapter gives us some of the first significant insights into the Kreelan Empress. What were your impressions of her?
Honorable, all-knowing, specializing in tough love ;)

Chapter 12

- Did you think it was wise for Esah-Zhurah to confide in the old armorer, Pan'ne-Sharakh?
Yes. Pan'ne-Sharakh had proved to be caring in the past, someone who sees beyond what has always been. She has also been around long enough to have seen and experienced many things.

- What were your thoughts as you read what happened between Esah-Zhurah and Reza at the grotto during their free time before their final Challenge?
It's about time! Hmm....I think I said the same thing about Jamie and Claire! LOL.

Chapter 13

- Okay, raise your hand if you would've just run like heck from what appears in this chapter! <I have both hands up>
Oh yeah! But I've never claimed to be a warrior. ;)

Chapter 14

- Were you surprised at what Esah-Zhurah asks of Tesh-Dar, in order to give Reza a fair chance in the Challenge? And what did you think of what happened to Esah-Zhurah on the Kalai-Il?
No, this is what their relationship is - taking care of each other completely.

- We also get a very significant glimpse of the power of the Empress in this chapter after Esah-Zhurah's punishment is given. What did you think of this?
Cool stuff!

Chapter 15

- Okay, what did you think of Reza's final Challenge??
Not exactly fair, but it had to extreme in order for him to totally prove himself.

Chapter 16

- What did you think of the time Reza and Esah-Zhurah spent at the temple of the Desh-Ka?
I'd like to have more information on just what happened here. But it's no wonder it was so painful, considering all of the changes that happened to their bodies.

- Were you surprised at what happens at the end of the chapter? And what do you think *did* happen??
Not really. There had been enough hints prior that Esah-Zhurah at least was going to have a major role in the future of the Empire, and Reza must fit in there somewhere.

- And if you were in Reza's place, what do you think you would have done??
I don't think I could have done it, or, at least, it would have taken me longer to reach the conclusion that I really had to do it.

Next! :D
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