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Instead of being in the book klub, I was reading the book!!! I'm done but now I have some tim efor the book klub, so I'm joining this program already in progress.

Chapter 17

What are your first impressions of Jodi? Jodi is one of my favorite characters in the book. Tough, takes no cr** off of anyone, good at what she does. What's not to like?

Father Hernandez? Not sure I trusted him....

Were you surprised at the way Reza first approached Jodi? Why do you think he singled her out over all of the others in Rutan at the time? As others have pointed out, she was a woman warrior and that was the kind of person he was used to dealing with.

Now that we know why the Kreelans prefer hand-to-hand combat, do you find it surprising that the humans who have been fighting them for so long have never figured it out? Were you surprised at the way Reza fought and killed all of the Kreelans on Rutan? (1) I don't think the humans have thougt much about the reasons behind it, they've been so busy trying not to be decimated... (2)It's so contrary to human thinking, I'm not surprised that the humans haven't figured it out. As for Reza, he gave up everything to defend his birth people; according to the code of honor he was raised with, it was his only option.

Chapter 18

Were you surprised to learn that the Confederation was considering a "deep scan" of Reza that would have left him a vegetable? What would you have done with Reza at this point? No, not suprised, it's the typical response of a bureaucracy to steamroller over something it doesn't understand, especially someone who could be considered an "enemy combatant." Not sure what I would have done, but I don't think I would have risked permanent damage to such an important resource.

Chapter 19

Did you find it rather ironic that the villagers who were so against bloodshed were getting worked up enough to rush out of the town and take on the Marines who had protected them, just to get to Reza? I'm afraid that I think that for many people, their belief systems are very shallow, and in time of crisis, they revert to their worst natures....

Which side would you have been on in Rutan, fighting with the Marines to try to defeat the Kreelans, or remaining the village, standing fast in your belief that war and bloodshed are not the answer? I don't know...I like to think I would be firm with my beliefs but I'm not sure....I guess if it were the difference between life and death I would trash my beliefs. ;D

Do you see any similarity between Father Hernandez' doubt in Reza's beliefs and the Empress' and Tesh-Dar's "experiment" to see whether humans had souls? Very normal psychology to think your belief system is the right one and has all the answers. Hadn't thought to compare them, good question!

Why is it so hard for Jodi and Father Hernandez to believe that Reza is homesick for the place he lived for so many years? In their minds, it is an awful place filled with enemy creatures. They no more think the Kreelans have souls than the Kreelans do about humans...

Chapter 20

What do you think your first impression of Reza would have been, if you were Commodore Sinclaire?

What were your first thoughts when you realized that Nicole was Jodi's commander and the person that she loved? Not unexpected by that time.

Did you have any thoughts/ideas on what might happen when Reza and Nicole see each other again for the first time? They had both moved on by that time; I thought there might be some awkwardness though.

Chapter 22

What do you think of Reza's re-introduction into human civilization so far? Do you think he's being treated well, considering where he came from? What would you have done differently, if anything?

I think he's being treated very well, and given some leeway, for instance, the hair...

Chapter 23

Okay, who cheered when Reza knocked Thorella off the bridge? All of us!

Do you think the Ancient Ones are still watching over Reza? Do you think they have always been, and perhaps that's what Tesh Dar sensed in him? Didn't Tesh Dar have the memories of all who came before her? I think she knew someone was out there who would answer the prophecy, and her previous encounter with Reza when he was very young marked him in her mind.

Mike, this is just a fantastic book!!! All of you who've finished should march your little fingers over to Amazon and leave some reviews!!!! I did!

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