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I have to hit the hay myself so will write my answers tomorrow. Just wanted to have a posting here so it will show up in my reply list.

Enjoyed your answers Gertie. Several of them I can say Dito to.....more on that tomorrow :)


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Chapter 24

What did you think when Reza shared the blood bond with Nicole?

Ditto to Gertie's answer

Did you have a suspicion of who was sabotaging Reza's combat armor?

Big ditto to Gertie's answer

Chapter 25

Do you think you would have had the courage to do what Eustus did to save Reza?

Maybe if I had had some training and that was my friend out there.

What were your impressions after the exchange between Jodi and Thorella in the command bunker?

So don't like that guy. Can't believe he got away with trying to kill Reza.

Chapter 26

What did you think of Reza's rationale for not trying to get out of his assignment to the Red Legion?

I don't think Reza wanted any special treatment. He didn't want anyone to be able to say he got his commission because who he was. He's been through so much he knew he would be ok and could do the job.

Chapter 27

Nicole's getting married. Did you expect that? What do you think will become of Jodi?

Yes. Once Reza helped soften her heart I was sure she would meet someone. Jodi knew she would never have Nicole. Nicole was always up front about their relationship. I think Jodi will still be close to Nicole.

Were you surprised at what happened after the wedding??

Nope, with all the pain they were both in I can understand. Though I was disappointed in Reza for giving in but very understandable.

Does the last line of this chapter, spoken by Father Hernandez, give you hope that Reza and Esah-Zhurah will be reunited?

Yep, and seemed very apropoe. ::)

Chapter 28

What were your first impressions of Erlang? Of the Mallorys and Raniers?

I believe the Raniers were like frogs in a pot. They just kept giving in and making conssessions over the years and didn't realize they were being boiled. The Mallorys got very comfortable and power hungry with each consession getting fat on others work. I do believe there were some on both sides that wanted better for each other but not sure what to do.

When Reza first arrived there, were you wondering how it fit into the bigger story, or were you just riding along to see where Mike's fingers took you? ;) [You can tell when Jan writes these questions, can't you? - MRH]

Had to be a 'bigger' reason as to why they were going there. Something was up but didn't expect what it was (I mean the alien part)

Chapter 29

Were you surprised by the news Jodi delivered at the beginning of the chapter? How did you feel about what she said happened?

Was very sadden to hear but happy that he passes in Rome and he got to see more of the 'world' before going.

What are your impressions of Enya?

She had guts. She new concession's and talking wasn't going to get them anywere. ditto to Gertie's answer too.

Sorry to take so long in getting my answers up. Seems easier to be on the computer when I was working than now that i'm sitting around home LOL. Always finding tons of other things to do and only stay on here for a very short time each day. Hope you are all enjoying the book. I really did!

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