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kendall83 said:
I have had my Kindle since the end of Feb but I am new to kindleboards. I am a little behind on my accessories although the ones that I have I LOVE. Here are pics of my kindle. I am wanting one of the borsa bella bags (preferably one of the travel bags) but I don't know which would look good with the case and skin that I have. I also have plans to buy an Oberon red River Garden cover sometime in the near future. I have heard that you all are good at enabling so please help me.

Kendall, when I look at your post, there is no address to your picture, just http://. You used the img tags correctly, you just need to get the right URL in there. As Ann said, there is a post in the Photos board about how to post pics. What browser are you using?

AND, you are in the right place for some major enabling!

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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