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I would like to share my experience with Bookbaby. I began publishing with them in June 2012. I published four of my e-books with them. I have sold a single copy of one of my books since then. Other books have sold from 8 to 18 copies during all the period. Meanwhile I have been selling the same books through other distributors like Smashwords and Amazon. I found out sell numbers at Bookbaby are about a fifty times less than at Smashwords and a hundred times less then at Amazon. I decided to quit with Bookbaby in December 2012 because I wanted to participate in Amazon KDP Select program which requires exclusive publishing with Amazon. Bookbaby answered my first e-mail and sent me instructions on what information they wanted me to send them per e-mail. I sent my first cancellation e-mail on 20.12.12. Two months later I discovered they have not removed any of my titles! I have sent them another e-mail on 20.02.13 with the same result! Well, I have received e-mails from KDP Select with warnings that my titles are available at Kobo and iBookstore. I checked the links - sure they are published by Bookbaby. Yesterday I phone them and they said they have not received ANY CANCELLATION E-MAILS FROM ME  :eek:. Wow. I sent them three e-mails after I talked to them and phoned them two hours later. You bet. They have not received them again. All my e-mails got lost on the way to them :0) I am in Ukraine and they are in the US and it is a long way.
Can anybody recommend a way to check sell numbers at Sony Books, iBookstore, B&N and Kobo they show on my account page? I think the numbers are fake. I am also going to file a complaint against them. Can anybody give a hint on how I should begin with it?

First things first.

Get copies of all of the correspondence you have with them in email form and print them out. Also get your copy of your TOS that should explain the cancelation procedure. Then send them a REAL LETTER via registered mail. They should have a mailing address somewhere on their website. Spell out your complaint, include copies of all of your documentation, and tell them what resolution you expect, and give them a firm deadline to perform by. (I generally give ten business days when I have to get to this point with a company).

Do not call them. Do not email them. And if they call you, tell them you want their answer in writing. People will say anything over the phone. They will lie. They will stretch the truth. They will whisper sweet nothings in your ear until you agree not to sue them.

If you have not gotten a resolution in ten business days, file a formal complaint with their chapter of the BBB and their state's consumer affairs department (both can usually be done online). I've found most companies will jump when they start getting letters from the government or the BBB asking questions. To be honest, neither organization may be able to do much (depending on the wording of your agreement). But at this point, you are causing the company grief and creating a public paper trail of the complaint. Even in situations where consumer affairs may not have authority to act, just getting that initial letter from them if often enough to scare a company into action.

And if you do need to sue, it shows a good faith effort on your part to resolve the issue without filing a lawsuit.
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