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So I've had my kindle about a week now, really enjoy it so far.  I noticed over the last couple days a few things...

-Random Restarts
-Spontaneous screen refreshing

Getting a little scare i decided to poke around ( i work in QA, thats what i do LOL)  anyway... started looking at the files and directories in the system directory and noticed a directory with what i figured were search indexes to help with searching through all your content.  The files were relatively small and it appears there is one for each book. 

I realized that these must be created when the kindle sleeps or in the background while reading, I had also slapped close to a hundred books in to the k2 shortly before i noticed the problems above.

So i wiped the kindle, and started replacing them in small groups...  this looks like it has worked and i dont see the problem any more but it has only geen a couple hours...

can any one add any info to this?  appreciate any additional help or confirmation on my problem  thanks

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What Verena said.  You are right, though, when members have added a lot of books in a short time, the indexing has caused problems similar to what you've noticed.  Eventually, the Kindle catches up.  Adding in batches as you're doing also helps.

I had more problems like you've described at the beginning when I added a whole bunch of books.  Now that they're coming in slowly, I seldom have a hangup.

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