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This is a fairly new review site and has just featured my YA novel Mystery at Ocean Drive. Please give it a try. :)

Mis_T's review: "This is a great mystery book for young boys! Although I'm a grown woman and I enjoyed it to lol. It's a short, fast paced book that will keep you guessing right the way through. the action starts up right away and doesn't give to the very end. The lead character is a great role model for young boys, he's clever and persistent and also has a pair of great friends willing to help him whenever he needs it.
I found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable, well written read. It has a very interesting story that I'll be saving for my son when he's older... and my daughters!"
She gave it 4 stars on her site. I asked her to also rate it using my scale for Indie Day in the Sun as well.
On a scale of 1-5 she rated the book as follows:
Originality of Concept 5
Quality of Writing 4
World Building 4
Character Development 4
Likely to recommend to another reader 5
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