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I put my first ebook up for sale about 16 months ago, the second about 10 months ago and the third about 4 months ago. The first 6 months (first book), I sold  no more than 20 or so books a month. Then about June of 2012, about 2 months after my second book went up, my sales increased significantly. But because I don't have any real year-to-year history yet, I don't know really know why sales increased. Was it advertising? Time of year?

My question is: Has anyone done any marketing analysis of when and why ebooks sell the best? I'd like to plan advertising but really have not data to rely on. I don't even know when print books spike in sales which may (or may not) shed some light on ebook habits. I've asked some industry folks and they mention a report that all the agents and publishers use, can't think of the name of it right this second, that shows book sales data and is not pricey for an agency, 10 grand or so, but out the question for an Indie. I'm guessing this sort of thing isn't available for ebooks yet but some marketing whiz could make a bundle on this.

I'm just hoping someone out there has an Excel spread sheet with a deeper history than mine who would be willing to say, 'these months are so-so, these months have been strong, these months sucked.'
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