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Indie YA mysteries

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Can you recommend any? Particularly those on the humorous side, with a dash of romance. Thanks!
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You might like Deadly Cool by Gemma Halliday. It's hard to find good ya mysteries. Oh, sorry, it's not indie though.
Yup, I do love it. But I'm looking for indie books in particular at the moment.

(I love yours, too, btw!)
Hi Amanda, I have 2 YA mystery/romances you may like. There's a dash of humor but not too much. I usually don't self promote here, but thought I'd mention them anyway. :)

Book 1 Return the Heart

Book 2 Shield the Heart
OOh, thanks, T.K.!
Oh, and I just discovered that my friend Juli Alexander's YA mystery-romance is free today!

It's very Gallagher Girls-ish, if you like that. :)
Have you seen Elise Stokes's "Cassidy Jones" books? I've only read the first one, which was a mash of mystery/action/paranormal. There's also a boy, so I'm guessing a romance develops over the course of the series.
Thanks for the rec!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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