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"When you start this book, clear your schedule. The Sasha saga again pulls you in and the twists and turns keep you hooked. Sasha and Leo are learning the new structure of their, now long distance, relationship. But when potentially needing to save the world, there is no learning needed. They still have the enviable, 'in sync, I know what you are thinking, I've got your back' connection that the best duos strive for." -- Amazon reviewer
Indispensable Party (Sasha McCandless Legal Thriller No. 4), by Melissa F. Miller

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In the name of science, an international team of researchers creates a deadly virus capable of killing untold millions. While the U.S. government quietly stockpiles a vaccine, a militaristic group of doomsday preppers begins to mobilize in response to the economic collapse they're convinced is coming.

Sasha McCandless has put danger and intrigue behind her to focus on her blessedly unexciting commercial litigation practice and couldn't be further removed from the escalating tension. That is, until her boyfriend, Leo Connelly, the new chief security officer for the vaccine manufacturer, discovers someone's been looting the cache.

Then the Doomsday virus is stolen and a researcher is murdered. Sasha and Leo have just three days to prevent the release of the ultimate biochemical weapon. Sasha's saved her share of innocent lives in the past. But this time can she really save the world?

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I'm Melissa F. Miller, author of the Sasha McCandless legal thriller series and a practicing attorney. When I'm not in court or on the playground with my three delightful children, I'm hard at work on my next novel.

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