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Inexpensive Case Option

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I was in Barnes & Noble today (can't shake the habit) and came across a canvas "accessory bag" that I am going to use as a case for my new K2 in its Oberon cover (Forest in fern).  It's a neutral canvas with some gold in the design; there is a peacock imprinted on the front. (There was a tote bag and some other accessories in the same fabric/design, so this must be new for Spring.) I like it because (1) it only cost $10, (2) the green in the peacock is the same color as the fern cover and (3) I like peacock designs!  The fit is a bit snug and it will not accommodate the adapter cord or a light, but it will give me peace of mind when I carry my K2 in my handbag (which I don't expect to do all that often).

When I starting reading posts here about 2 weeks ago I was amused by the degree to which you all accessorize your Kindles.  A case to protect a cover!  But you've converted me!  So now it's on to the skin. I was going to order DecalGirl's Apocalypse Blue skin (I like the idea of a storm in the forest) but I think I saw a peacock at another site. More research!  Ellen   ::)
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Welcome to the addiction inducing KiindleBoards, where we don't just read kindles we spend ridiculous amounts of money on accessories for them and temp others to do so as well. (But of course its only to keep them safe and make them more functional.)  ;)
Woo hoo! Congrats on the bag! Pics please?? ;D
I'd be interested in seeing pics of this as well
I see it on the Barnes & Noble site - here is the link:

I'm thinking of buying the pencil pouch for a light and power cord.

I bought mine in the store but a note on the page indicates that if you buy a Home item online there's 20% off one item (besides the Members discount, if you have a Members card).
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Thanks for posting the link.  What a pretty pouch. 
The peacock design is at and there are actually a couple can design you own with the patterns they have. Beautiful!
MAGreen said:
The peacock design is at and there are actually a couple can design you own with the patterns they have. Beautiful!
They have designs up for the K2 now?
I searched and couldn't find Kindle skins.  Has anybody gotten one from them?
I would point out too that the Barnes & Noble cover I found (see below) is pretty light and won't offer protection other than covering the K2 in my Oberon Forest cover - but for $10 it will last as long as it lasts.

I am reading the posts about residue when removing skins - are the tego skins oK in that regard? Though I will likely go with DecalGirl's Apocalypse Blue. A peacock wanders into a Forest in a storm......
Zeronewbury said:
I searched and couldn't find Kindle skins. Has anybody gotten one from them?
create a tego>accessories&gadgets (third one down)>amazon.

I got a tego skin, it was on for about two months and I had no problem with taking it off. The feel of the skin while on the Tego was weird to me. A little, uh, rough? That's not quite right, but it was as if there was some sort of, I can't think of the right words, I'm sorry. It wasn't too, terribly annoying, but I definitely prefer the smooooth feel of Decal Girl. If I wanted another personalized skin, and I wanted it a lot, I'd order a tego skin again. Sorry if that wasn't very helpful. Perhaps someone else can form an articulate opinion. As far as residue, tho was fine.

search for neoprene, or neoprene sleeve, I forget.
Many cheap options. I'm waiting for mine to arrive. I've shopped with Meritline before, so be aware that sometimes you get what you pay for. It's probably going to be a thin, floppy, cover, but that's ok w/me. For the price and free s&h, I'm ok w/that. I'll have a pink, a reversible blue, a black cover, all of them a different style for whatever I feel like slipping Skinderella in when I go out.

Mind you, these are probably not highly protective, but more for the kind of things like slipping off or around a car seat, a little bang into a wall, putting it down on a chair or table a little too hard. I dunno ...I'm just trying to come up with what could happen even to the most careful of us.

[edit: right now they're only showing four, but they change a lot. The fifth one, the flowered one, I could never get to come up in a window. Sad, I like it. ]
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Thanks Cat. Based on your post and the very positive posts here about the DecalGirl skins, I'm going to order a skin from DecalGirl. Too bad they don't have screensavers for their K2 skins because if I buy Apocalypse Blue I really like the K1 screensaver.  Though I am worried that the skin would look too dark with the Forest cover in Fern. Georgian seems like a brighter blue but maybe it would be too fussy with the Forest cover. Interestingly enough, the design on the Georgian skin looks similar to the design on the peacock case. Decisions decisions!
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