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Oh come on folks we need a graphic shop here for fellow future kindle owners and kindle owners alike. =D. Here is my portfolio. ^^. Feel free to make any requests after looking over it. :]. I still kind of suck, but people have been saying I have been improving greatly. At the very bottom my latest creations are listed in their own selection.

Upon requesting try to be as detailed as you can. :]. And also note, I am a huge supporter of digital media. All of the works listed below in my portfolio are allowed to be used by anyone for any reason. :]. I also opened a design message board; but I currently suck and I still need the practice. ^^.

I use Photoshop CS4. I am nineteen years of age.

All requests made when being fulfilled are subjected to be added to my premade database for others to make. I will put personalized text, etc, on it for you. ^_^.

Choose the lucky number! (Note numbers are pixelish or whatever, but rawr, deal with it, I didn't spend time making them fancy, I just wanted the listing display to be different then most ^^)

not listing every single avatar, just some random ones. xD

folder icons;;




bright pink ;; /


I fill requests at my shop. Help me improve. ^^.
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