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My Autobiography Destiny will be available from 09 March thru 13 March for Free. Please consider writing a review if you read it. Here is the book blurb:

Destiny documents Martin's amazing and 'co-incidence' filled life story, which begins with the young Martin drowning whilst on holiday, and undergoing what is now known as a 'Near Death Experience'.

Realizing at an early age that he was somehow 'different' from other people, Martin struggled with the harsh reality of life and knew there was far more to living than meets the eye.

His latent Psychic abilities grew as the years went by, with intuition and synchronicity playing an integral part in his decision to join the Royal Air Force aged 18. His hopes of being an Electrician were once again thwarted by fate, and he ended up in a completely different trade...

The rest of Martin's life continues with a series of breathtaking and sometimes unbelievable twists and turns, including his vivid and eloquent description of 'life between lives', finally culminating in the proof that he had lived before, as a Morse Code Operator on an RAF Halifax Bomber shot down over Holland.

Martin's story was documented and filmed for the television series 'Strange But True' and a link to this particular episode is contained at the end of the book. It is well worth watching.

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