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Interesting dilemma

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Yesterday morning, of course on the advice of someone here, I tried to one-click a book, only to have Amazon tell me I needed to register my Kindle.  Hmmm.  That was odd.  I had surely one-clicked the day before that, and the day before that, and, well, you get the idea.  So I closed out the window, and tried again.  Again, my name was there, but no Kindle registered to me.  After a momentary panic where I could not find CS phone number, I got a very nice young man on the phone who was as perplexed as myself. 
Before Kindle, I only actually bought from Amazon on occasion.  Two previous times a couple of years ago, and the last being April of '08.  It seems that somehow I ended up with four accounts attached to my email address.  ??  I don't know either.  I believe this last time I did change my password, but I was under the impression that, if you did change a password, the old account would then follow you with the new password (if that makes sense).  It took quite a while for the young man to figure out what to do.  We deregistered the other three accounts with non-Kindle related purchases.  Amazon is not sure if it was something in their system or something I had done. 
Regardless, all is well.  I am happily one-clicking again.  But I did learn one lesson: I wrote the customer service number on the Kindle box, put it in my cell phone, and made a note in my notepad on Kindle.  My Kindle-911. 
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Excellent idea posting the CS number for you Kindle in various locations!!  I went through a time of needing CS and found out the value of having the Kindle CS phone # as opposed to the Amazon CS phone #.  I spent almost 15 min with an Amazon CS rep who was very kindly trying to help me with my issue.... and at the end of all of that.... he told me I would need to be transferred to the Kindle CS dept and gave me their phone #.  I hadn't thought to put the Kindle CS number in my cell phone but I'm going to correct that right now.  Thanks!!
So, what are those numbers?  I haven't had a problem but the more I read posts here and in other locations it sounds like useful information. Thanks, H.
866-321-8851.  that is Kindle CS. 
drenee, I'm having a similar issue. Oh my Kindle is alright, but my past purchases aren't there.  It's like I started new when I got the Kindle.  But in my media library all the old purchases are there.  And things I've bought since, both digital and paper, aren't showing.  I can't 'improve my recommendations' because when I try it shows I haven't bought anything.  I've been trying to do it by e-mail, finally had someone call back.  She referred me to the technical folks who, a couple of weeks later sent an e-mail that the problem should be fixed.  Well, it wasn't so I sent back and said that, referring to the original problem number.  got the very same e-mail I got the first time about there being two accounts!  I guess on Monday I'll have to call in myself.  Maybe I'll start with Kindle CS; I was just using generic Amazon CS.

thanks for the numbers!

Glad everything worked out for you drenee....strange indeed. Thanks for the phone number too!
Thanks drenee - the phone won't work for me (international long distance doncha know), but the information will.  I have had to e-mail kindle support once, over a week-end and got the answer immediately - kindle support is the bestest  :)
I'll be traveling for work starting next week. Didn't think about putting CS on my cell phone, but added it right now. Thanks for the great tip. :-*
Yay!!! I helped people.  I'm so happy. 
I had a similar experience with my account a few weeks ago. I was logging in to Amazon from my desktop computer (at work) and it wasn't showing any of my stuff: no Kindle, no Kindle books, and worst of all, $0 on my gift cards. I had a momentary panic attack. When I logged in from the laptop, everything was "normal."

I called CS and as someone else said, apparently I have multiple accounts with different passwords. Only the one with the "right" password showed my account with all my stuff. The CS rep was ready to delete the other accounts but that made me sort of nervous so for the moment they are all still there. I just need to keep it straight which password to use to log in.

Frankly, it seems like a bug on their end. I can't really imagine they like having people have multiple accounts with different PWs, many of them inactive.

Leslie said:
Frankly, it seems like a bug on their end. I can't really imagine they like having people have multiple accounts with different PWs, many of them inactive.

It's gotta be. I've NEVER used any other password as far as I can remember. I'll definitely call on Monday and get them merged. I just want to be able to 'improve my recommendations'!

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