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From the blog post...

Which brings me to why this, why now: this is all about my pulling my endorsement from Adwerks, and Michael, who uses a fake name in order to conceal his criminal past, trying to punish me in retaliation.

Being as that is the case, I’ve been advised by my attorneys that I should make no further comments and offer no rebuttals, so this will have to suffice until the Adwerks legal action is adjudicated. I apologize in advance, because I’m sure there will be a ton of torrid prose churned forth I’d love to chime in on. But make no mistake that this little welcome bump in publicity stems from the Adwerks kerfuffle, and an embittered felon’s attempt to engender support from some of the most malevolent folks on Wall Street. Peas in a pod, so to speak. Whether the “journalists” will see through the effort to get them to do the felon’s dirty work for them is unknown – I would expect so, as these aren’t stupid people, but you never know. Anyone who wants more info on that felon’s criminal history can email me for the horrific details – I hesitate to sully my blog with it.

So sit back with popcorn and enjoy the coming show. I have no doubt it will be C-movie level competence, but A-level interest, and should command considerable positive attention as the truth becomes known.

For the record, I’m not depressed or suicidal, nor do I intend to nail gun myself, shoot myself in the head twice with different weapons, drown while canoeing, or ram my car into an embankment at 150.

Anyhow, that’s what I am allowed to write. I have more. Way more. But attorneys gonna law and such. So my fingers is all tied.

To conclude, I’m fond of saying everyone’s got a story. Some are just more interesting than others. And you have to admit, this one just got a lot more interesting…
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