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international drug trafficking for dummies.....feel free

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the first question you ask about any book is "what's it about?"
calling it "international drug trafficking for dummies" kinda gives the game away i suppose.
well, it's about drugs. it's about desperation. it's about life.
there's a lot of walking dead and un-dead, but no zombies or vampires.
there aren't any fainting virgins either.
so, guess that's  
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you can borrow it for free on amazon
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tx Betsy. i shall try my best not to break the rules.
i am using up my last day in the  KDP Select to put INTERNATIONAL DRUG TRAFFICKING FOR DUMMIES on a free one day download next Saturday 9th February. this should make an excellent Valentines Day gift for that special him or her. i hope that those of you that have 2 or more special hims or hers will take advantage and send a copy to all of them.
INTERNATIONAL DRUG TRAFFICKING FOR DUMMIES on a free one day download today Saturday 9th February.
please feel free.
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