If you enjoy legal thrillers as much as I do, you'll want to download this exceptionally well-reviewed novel from attorney and cancer biologist M. A. Granovsky. The novel's five-star reviews praise the novel's engaging writing and intriguing plot.

"This is a witty suspense novel -- full of ideas, but written with a light touch. It's both charming and serious, and has a storybook ending -- the perfect read." -- Erudite, Amazon reviewer

I've read some great medical thrillers (Robin Cook) and I've also read my share of legal thrillers. What really sets The Poison Pill apart for me is the way it paints an entertaining (and at times disturbing) picture of the interplay among medicine, banking and law in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar. The subject matter is timely in this post banking bailout era. But the novel is more than its plot: the characters are funny, well-drawn and they take you on a great adventure as they try to take on the bad guys. I highly recommend this book. -- Dalloway J., Amazon reviewer

Poison Pill, by M. A. Granovsky

It's the drug of the century, a miracle weight loss compound worth billions, invented by Jon Vickers shortly before his death. So why is Jon's brother Benedict risking his inheritance, his brother's legacy, and even his own life to keep the drug from the market?

And why is Olga Mueller, a jaded lawyer Benedict met by chance while traveling to Istanbul, willing to help?

Can they take on a powerful venture capitalist and a ruthless top-tier law firm and win? Or even survive? In a world where money rules, does truth stand a chance?

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M. A. Granovsky uses her background as a cancer biologist and lawyer, and her international travels, to craft fast-paced, intricately plotted capers, where the protagonists rely on their wits rather than their brawn, and the body count rises only as much as is necessary. M. A.'s writing is influenced by her life-long passion for observing and understanding human behavior, and provides a window into the worlds of scientists, attorneys, and financiers, the passions and fears that motivate them, and the unintended consequences of untempered competition.

She currently lives in New York City, but has lived in many other places, from the exotic (Wilmington, Delaware), to the normal (St. Petersburg, Jerusalem), to the entertaining (Florence -- in a convent). While it's difficult to be the new kid on the block repeatedly, this nomadic existence - in terms of geography and career - continues to yield a rich vein of thriller plots.