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Greetings, Kindle World!  I published my novel, Resistors, as an e-book on Kindle last August.  It's an intercontinental love triangle complicated by a skyjacking, vengeful Palestinian terrorists, abduction--you get the idea.  Settings stretch from Cyprus, Lebanon, Greece, and Syria to Vietnam, Washington, DC, and exciting Sparta, WI.  The characters become entangled in actual historical events from the 1980s.  Yes, the locales spring from personal Odysseys, but in no way does the adventure reflect my mundane life!  After careers as a hotel/restaurant operator and then a college teacher of hospitality, I'm now a working hotel consultant.  Blessed in health and marriage (55 years).  Like many who publish e-books, I could not attract an agent to my work, but we authors are compelled to put our necks out on the chopping block.  Happy to join the Amazon Kindle world.  Peter T. Tomaras, Champaign, IL 
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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