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Introducing myself, mark e cooper

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Hello everyone, I'm new to the boards and the kindle--it arrived by post just two days ago  I found while browsing the amazon kindle boards and thought i would introduce myself.

My name is Mark E. Cooper and i write novels in the fantasy genre mostly, but I have written in others genres too. I have one science fiction novel and one paranormal/urban fantasy in print alongside my fantasy titles. I am 47 years young and live in the south east of England where i was born. My hobbies are V8 and V12 cobras, reading, writing, and playing MMO games on the computer when I get stuck on a scene.

I hope to have lots of fun discussions with you all soon, but first i have to go find something called book bazaar and make a post about my books.

Cya soon,

Mark E. Cooper
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Welcome to the fourm Mark
Alan Parkinson said:
Welcome to the fourm Mark
Thanks Alan, i have just added my post to the Book Bazaar. Link incoming :),69124.msg1120173.html#msg1120173

Mark E. Cooper
Hello, Mark, and welcome to KB.  Glad to have you with us.  Wishing you every success with your books.

Dan --
Daniel Leston said:
Hello, Mark, and welcome to KB. Glad to have you with us. Wishing you every success with your books.

Dan --
Thanks Dan, you too.

I have been browsing the boards, but there are so many of them and so many posts I find myself getting a bit overwhelmed. Anything you think i should pay particular attention to?

Mark E. Cooper
Valmore Daniels said:
Thanks Val, I was just checking out your book pages. I love the cover art of Forbidden The Stars. Who did the art and cover design?

Mark E. Cooper
Hi Mark!  Welcome to the Kindle Boards.  For writers, the 'writer's cafe' a child of the book bazaar is the place to be.  Lots of posts but just jump in wherever you have something to say :)
Hello, Mark! Welcome to the boards. Love the cover for Dragon Dawn. Good luck with your books! :D
Welcome to the KB

Happy Exploring, you will find lots of friendly folks here with advice and encouragement.

Good Luck with your projects
Thanks for your kind welcome, guys, I will be reading as many posts as i can. Writer's cafe sounds good and i will have a look there and contribute if i can think of something interesting to say :)

@Azchen, thanks. The Dragon Dawn cover is one of my favourite ones. Anne Stokes of did the art and cover design for that book. Her dragons are really great. All her fantasy creatures, like dragons, unicorns etc are really good.

Mark E. Cooper
Welcome aboard Mark. Looks like you've got a lot of books to promote. Good luck on that endeavor!  :)
Bryan R. Dennis said:
Welcome aboard Mark. Looks like you've got a lot of books to promote. Good luck on that endeavor! :)
Thanks for the good wishes.

Re promotion: I don't have as many as some to promote, but there is no doubt that i prefer writing the books over promoting them. It seems to me that writing them is only about 50% of an author's job these days. The other 50% of the time is spent trying to get the books noticed. In the old days the big publishers would spend money on an author, nowadays its the other way around seems to me. Even those writers who have hit it big, spend tons of time promoting their work with interviews, signings and what not.

I think we are lucky in the way technology helps us though. I haven't tried blogging, being wary of spending so much time doing that and not getting any writing done on the next book, but websites and places like kindleboards help a lot. When I read about other author's efforts, it makes me feel a part of something and its great when i see a success story. Its a real boost. I'm always looking for ways to match them :)

Mark E. Cooper
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Hi Mark

Welcome to KB and good luck with your books

Hi Mark. Welcome from another fantasy author. Best of luck on your books, and I hope to see you around the boards.
Hello and welcome, Mark!
Hi, Mark.

Welcome to the Kindle Boards!

And much success with your books.

Thanks for the warm welcomes, guys. I have been madly clicking on all your signature lines and reading descriptions on amazon :) One thing that is worrying me now is that all your prices are lower than mine. A fair number are $2.99 (to me they appear as $3.48 because I'm in the UK) but a lot are $0.99.

Its probably wrong of me, but i have considered that the $0.99 pricing is more of a gimmick and should be relegated to things like special offers for limited periods. Obviously I'm in the minority though. I now fear my books are overpriced in the market if not (in my own head at least) in the quality vs price area. I think my books are worth $4.99 as kindle, but I think I will have to fit in with the crowd and at the least go to $2.99. Perhaps make book one of the series $0.99 to get people to try it.

Your thoughts?

Mark E. Cooper
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