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Hi All,
My name is Pat Price
I have 2 eBooks and here is the Amazon link for them

hope to be able to meet some of you and visit on here
little bit about me follows

If a poll were taken at any school, I'll bet childhood experiences cause more people to become writers than creative writing classes. As I kid growing up in New York City (Manhattan, 32nd St) we, my family, were the token Anglos in a brown stone tenement building full of wonderful people from the Caribbean Islands. My Stepfather was Sicilian on his Father's side and Irish from his Mother's side. His Father was the Mafia boss of Manhattan who was deported in the late 1940's. Add to that a Jewish gentleman who owned a used book store and was a holocaust survivor with a numbered tattoo on his arm. This book store owner took me under his wing and taught me how to write by his liberal use of a red pencil firmly applied to book reports.

My road to writing was delayed with the necessities of entering the military in 1962 and my discharge back to civilian life in 1966. The next 10 years found me writing my first serious book, a post apocalyptic novel, which was never published. Over next few years I wrote a book that spanned a time period from Cortes in Mexico to modern day California. Right, that one joined the first on my unpublished book shelf. The next book was high adventure involving the kidnapping of the son of a King from the United Arab Emirates. Nope, that one didn't make it either.

In 1999 I was spending an inordinate amount of time on airplanes flying from California to Houston, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts. At the time I owned a Palm Pilot with 4 megabytes of memory. Over a year and a half of airplane rides I wrote Prodigal Son and Bright Sun on the Palm Pilot and once again, they didn't get published. The Catch 22 is that, main stream publishers will not publish a new author, especially a new author without an agent. The agents I contacted said they would be more than happy to represent me, once I was published and selling. Say what?

As an early adopter of technology, I loved Amazon and started buying books from them in the late 1990's. Then Jeff Bezos did a wonderful thing, which was to allow authors to self publish on Amazon. Suddenly the word of publishing opened up to everyone in the Catch 22 category of writers.

I have always loved Robert B. Parker and have read every one of his Spenser novels. So, taking the advice of Isaac Asimov, "Good writers plagiarize, great authors steal", I stole the idea of a multi racial detective team. The characters in my Newport Investigations detective series were taken from people I've known over my lifetime including the good guys and the bad guys.

Oh, those books still resting on my unpublished book shelf, well, they are going to come back during 2012. I think they are decent stories because one of the custodians at one of my many jobs pulled them out of my trash can for himself. A couple of months later he stopped by my office earlier than normal and told me "Those book drafts you threw away, those were pretty decent." In retrospect, I valued his opinion more than the publishers and agents because I wasn't trying to sell or pitch him the books.

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Greetings and Welcome, Pat!! We are so glad you found KindleBoards! We have many areas that you probably will like. Have you been to The Book Corner yet? That's the area for discussions about books (naturally :D ). That's also where you will find threads about books Recommended by our Members and a list of additional sites for Book Lovers.
Then there is the Book Bazaar where our member/authors post about their books and the Writers' Cafe that has discussions about writing, publishing and many other topics. Here is a link to all the KindleBoards authors:Unofficial master list of Kindleboards Authors. That is also where you will locate Bargain Books and even Free Books threads where you can get reading material at low or no cost! Here is a link to get you started: Master list of free & under $1 titles available from Amazon.
If you have a question about your Kindle or it's usage, check out the FAQ or the forum about Tips, Tricks and Trouble Shooting . Or, just ask your question. We have many helpful and knowledgeable people here at KB and we feel there is no such thing as a "dumb" question. Questions about KindleBoards may be answered at Your guide to Forum Speak! linked from Forum tips. If not, once again, ask away! To keep everything running smoothly, we ask that everyone read Forum decorum. There are a few points there particularly for authors. Need help setting up your signature line or avatar? This will be just what you need: Creating Signatures - An Updated tutorial.
Another popular place is Let's Talk Kindle, where all things in the Kindle world are posted about. Be sure and check out the Photo Gallery, where pictures of members, pets, flowers, landscapes or just almost anything interesting can be found.
Have you been to the Accessories area? There you will see information about covers, skins, lights, bags, stands and many other items to allow you to personalize your Kindle.
Looking to just kill some time while you are waiting for your Kindle or if you have your kindle, want to try something different? Try INFINITY Game - Word Association or The "INFINITY" Thread: KEEP POSTING...Ready, Set,... GO!!! in the Not Quite Kindle area.
Sorry for the long post, but there is just so much to do, learn and like about KindleBoards that I just get carried away. :)
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