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Hi KBoards,

Writing is very time-consuming as it is, there is just not enough time in the day to write your best work and optimizing your Amazon Ads on 8 different marketplaces.

Since you don't have enough time to manage your ads, you are probably wasting ad spend somewhere.

SellerMetrics is an Amazon ads optimization software that lessens the time needed on KDP ads by 80% and at the same time lower ACoS by 30%

Our software can do the following:
  • Automatically collects your KDP ads data daily (collect past the 60-day date range limit)
  • Able to connect your KDP Advertising account via an API connection
  • Allows you to optimize multiple campaigns at once (able to do the 5 step optimization process between different campaigns and accounts)
  • Bid automation (can set your campaigns to automatically optimize based on SellerMetrics advance algorithms using user-defined ACoS goals as the target)
  • Search Term discovery and Negative Search Terms (adding good search terms and eliminating poor performing search terms)
    • No more downloading your Amazon search term reporting, and weeding through mountains of spreadsheets.
Currently, we offer a 14 days trial, but if you reach out to me, I can further extend it.

Seeing is believing you can see our comprehensive features in our Youtube channel here

Our Account Connection Screen KDP publishers supported

Our optimization dashboard allows you to adjust your bids using CPC and Current Bid as the benchmark

We have the ability to unified data across Amazon accounts, so even if you have multiple accounts across marketplaces, we can unify it into one process so you will not have to step through your optimization steps multiple times

Set up your bid Automation settings and let us handle the mind-numbing bid adjustment using our advanced algorithms

View attachment 16009

Find Search Terms that resulted in a sale, and push them into your existing campaign with one click.

Clean details analytics chart for you to visualize your campaign and keyword performances

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Wanted to endorse SellerMetrics. We've been using it for a month now and we've seen a decrease in ACOS overall. In addition we've found it convenient to weed out negative keywords and refining the keywords that are getting clicks and effective at getting orders. Highly recommend!!

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We have some exciting updates around the KENP metrics to announce.

A lot of our existing author base has requested features around the KENP metrics and SellerMetrics has delivered.

Below are the new features updated around the KENP, or better yet you can see my recording and see these new features in action

KENP Read/KENP Royalties/KENP Adj ACoS has been added to the dashboard

Harvest search terms via KENP Read metric

Rectangle Communication Device Font Material property Screenshot

Bid Adj decision with KENP revenue

Rectangle Font Parallel Slope Screenshot
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